Hermetic & Cryogenic Packaging Specialist

Custom IDCA Design

IDCA's offers the following design options:

Custom dewar envelope
Custom cold fingers
Cooled Optics including:
  • filters
  • filter arrays
  • lens elements
  • lens assemblies
Array of Feedthru offerings:
  • discrete pin
  • weld in connectors
  • HTCC feedthru
  • SMA connectors
Cooling Options:
  • Stirling- rotary/linear/pulse tubes
  • J-T Cryostats
  • Thermoelectric - single to 4 stage
  • Liquid Cryogen

Have a dewar of infrared camera that does not quite fit your needs? Let IDCA's evaluate the possibility of reconfiguring your existing system. Reconfigurations include changing cold shield prescription, canted filters/windows, different cold filters, new dewar caps, transfer line routing to even integration of a different cryocooler.

Have an existing IDCA that no longer functions properly? IDCA's has experience in repairing and servicing  other manufacturers dewars including repairing interconnects, leaks, vacuum integrity, cooler refurbishment, or cooler replacement.